Special Issue

EuroScientist regularly releases a Special Issue. These can be sponsored.

ESOF 2020 Trieste Special Issue
This special issue aims at following up on featured topics from ESOF 2020 to be discussed in the scientific community and the society. Read more [...]
ECSJ2017: Science Communication 5.0

EuroScientist is delighted to be able to share some of the discussions which took part during the 4th European Conference for Science Journalists in Copenhagen between 26th and 30th June 2017. They touched upon the evolving nature of science communication, how scientists are engaging with the public and issues related to evidence-based policy making. We would like to invite you to comment on individual articles using the dialogue box below each of the articles to continue the conversation. Read more [...]

Seed Control

A data and science journalism investigation on seed control about the interaction between industry and farmers in the global seeds business. Read more [...]

Medicamentalia Vaccines

These articles have been produced as part of a data journalism initiative called 'Medicamentalia - Vaccines ' brought to you by the Civio Foundation. They outline some of the successes in vaccination campaigns from governments across the world. It also gives you a historical perspective on the key scientists who have been instrumental in developing vaccines of the past centuries. Find out more, it makes for an insightful reading. Read more [...]

RRI Implementation

This sponsored issue appears as the RRI Tools project comes to an end. Its findings have been summarised in an excellent final report, which gives an overview of progress, achieved across Europe, in developing practical solutions to implement RRI to date. In this issue, key experts are asked about RRI Implementation, the next step in how RRI might evolve and some of the key lessons from developing RRI to date. Read more [...]

Hacking Bureaucracy

Welcome to our special issue of EuroScientist on hacking bureaucracy! Bureaucracy is spreading like the plague. It has now pervaded every aspect of scientists' lives; often to the point of choking the hardiest of investigators. Yet, technology has evolved so much so that it now offers simple solutions to cut trough the paperwork and make the scientific process more efficient, more collaborative and altogether smarter. Now, the time is right to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by technology and raise to the challenge of removing the hindrances brought by bureaucracy. Read more [...]

Research Integrity
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Beyond a researcher's personal responsibility, the entire research system is not currently adequate to support greater level of research integrity. Read more [...]

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